Milky 50% Hot Chocolate


Mellow and milky hot chocolate packed with deep and not-too-sweet cacao notes in a resealable pouch.

Irresistibly creamy and indulgent. That’s the promise of our Milky 50% Hot Chocolate. Just pure grated chocolate and nothing else. Designed to work with your Velvetiser to create the ultimate silky smooth hot chocolate drink.

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Created from West African cocoa that is lovingly crafted into chocolate in the UK, this is milk hot chocolate reimagined. Enjoy all the deep rich notes of our Classic 70% but smoother and more mellow. Not too sweet, but with the luxury mouth feel of barista grade chocolate.

For a richly satisfying serve add 35g of flakes – about 6 heaped teaspoons – to your Velvetiser with 220ml of dairy or plant milk. Then press the button and let the Velvetiser work its magic. It’s the perfect pairing of technology and chocolate creating a zero fuss pour every time.

No Velvetiser? No problem. Just heat your choice of milk on the hob until steam starts to rise. Whisk in your chocolate flakes off the heat then return to the heat for just long enough to melt the chocolate. Be gentle – boiling will impair the delicate taste. You won’t get the same silken smooth results as the Velevetiser so why not indulge yourself with our in-home chocolate system and create your new daily ritual?

Our Milky 50% Hot Chocolate is suitable for vegetarians and comes in a resealable pouch that keeps the rest of the flakes fresh until your next serve. Each 250g bag contains enough chocolate flakes for around 7 cups of impeccably smooth chocolate. Designed for when you need that chocolate hit with less of an edge. Relax and enjoy.

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